A Few Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Upholstery

Sep 7, 2022 | Upholstery Cleaning

a photo of a woman vacuuming her sofa

upholstered furniture cleaning in calgary, abCleaning Your Upholstered Furniture Matters

Do you tend to spend time on your couch and other upholstered items? There’s no shame in admitting the hours you actually do sit and lounge about on your sofas and comfy chairs. In truth, most Calgary residents spend a significant part of their day unwinding on their upholstery. That’s why it is absolutely crucial to keep it clean and healthy. Now we hate to break it to you, but an occasional pass with a vacuum is not enough to keep all the allergens living in your upholstery at bay. You need professional furniture cleaning for sure in order to get the results your furniture craves. Still don’t believe us? Then check out a few reasons why professional upholstery cleaning matters below.

Contributes to a Healthy Home

Please don’t freak out when we say this, but it’s possible that your couch has more gross things living in it than your toilet seat. You wouldn’t snuggle up on your toilet seat, would you? The reason why is that your upholstery is a sort of air filter for your home. Like any other filter, it needs to be replaced or cleaned out regularly in order to keep contaminants from reaching the air and subsequently you and your family. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction upholstery cleaning is a much more cost-effective way to get rid of those allergens than replacing your furniture every six months. Plus, it has been proven to remove common allergens* from upholstery. Clearly, we offer a healthy way to deep clean furniture in Calgary, AB!

Offers Huge Financial Savings

Just like anything else in life, upholstery will eventually wear down. Dirt and grime only speed up the process. Although frequent and regular vacuuming can help to extend the overall life of your chairs, couches, and ottomans, you still need something a little deeper to actually save your money. What we mean by that is using a professional furniture cleaner will literally give you the time you need with your upholstery so you can replace it when you want to, not when you’re forced to prematurely.

Create Your Ideal Living Space

Nobody wants to live in squalor. Having clean upholstery will definitely help you avoid that in your home. It’s really that simple. Just like how cleaning a car makes a car not only look better but actually makes you feel like it’s driving better, cleaning your upholstery will give it the appearance you want while improving the function. Function and appearance are definitely major factors in determining how well your furniture fits into your ideal living space. Naturally, upholstered furniture cleaning will enable you to achieve that ideal living space.

Furniture Cleaning in Calgary, AB

It’s important to note that not every upholstery cleaning service here in Calgary is the same. A cleaning service that uses steam can actually damage your upholstery and the environment with their harsh chemicals and extreme water use. That’s why the team here at Chinook Chem-Dry doesn’t use steam. Instead, we use an eco-friendly, carbonated cleaning solution that will give your furniture the deep clean you deserve. 

Give us a call at (403) 475-0011 to learn all about our fast-drying process that blasts away dust and allergens. While you’re already on the phone, feel free to schedule your appointment with us and get your top-rated furniture cleaning done ASAP. Your family’s health and safety are your top priority, which means that the health of your upholstery should be, too. Cleaning upholstery is a quick fix, especially when you make it a priority!