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You Can Count on the Expert Carpet Cleaners of Chinook Chem-Dry

Searching for a great carpet cleaner in southeast Calgary? Look no further! With so many different choices, it’s difficult to determine which company is the right choice for you and your family. We are confident that our team here at Chinook Chem-Dry offers superior services because of our years of experience, safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions and our Hot Carbonated Extraction (HCE) carpet cleaning method. If you want an effective carpet cleaning in Calgary SE, you’re in the right place!


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Why Is Carpet Care Important?

There’s a lot more to carpet cleaning than vacuuming and removing stains. Carpets and rugs act like filters, trapping dirt, dust, and allergens! Your health can be affected if your carpets aren’t replaced or properly maintained with cleanings on a regular basis. As a result, experts recommend semi-annual upholstery and carpet cleanings to refresh and renew your home’s healthy atmosphere and maintain your family’s good health. There are numerous carpet cleaners on the market that utilize varied procedures and chemicals. So, what makes Chinook Chem-Dry a better option than others for carpet cleaning?

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The Natural®: The Key to Our Carpet Cleaning

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Calgary SE can remove 98% of Allergen from carpet.DRIER.

Chem-Dry has developed a revolutionary cleaning product called The Natural®. When combined with our equipment, The Natural® harnesses the explosive power of carbonation to break down built-up dirt and other contaminants. This process is called the Hot Carbonation Extraction (HCE) method, and this technique helps us maximize cleaning power while also minimizing water usage. Chem-Dry’s method uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaners and also results in a 1-2 hour dry time! Compared to traditional steam cleaning, Chinook Chem-Dry is a safer option and minimizes other health concerns that can arise with traditional methods.


Our HCE method has tremendous cleaning power! The carbonated bubbles dive deep into the fibers of your carpets and break down and lift up dirt, grime, and allergens to be extracted. Instead of flooding your carpets with jetted streams of water, Chinook Chem-Dry’s innovative processes give you a thoroughly cleaned carpet that stays clean for a longer period of time because there is no dirt-attracting soap residue left over, as there would be with traditional methods.


Outdated steam cleaning methods rely too much on high-pressure water in their cleaning process, this isn’t good for the environment and leads to other issues. For example, the chemicals in their detergent aren’t always safe for pets or kids, and can actually make your carpets dirtier over time because of the soap residue. Not to mention that all that water takes forever to dry, which increases the chance of wood flooring developing mold or mildew.

Chinook Chem-Dry provides Southeast Calgary with a higher-quality cleaning service that leaves your carpet fresher, healthier, and safer. This home health study proves that Chem-Dry’s HCE method helps to remove common household allergens* from your carpet and upholstery! Chinook Chem-Dry provides a drier, cleaner, and healthier service than other businesses in the Calgary region.



“My father’s place was in really bad shape. I thought I would need to replace his carpets at the very least. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Chinook Chem Dry, his place looks brand new. They were so helpful, and they really did an amazing job. For the amount and quality of their work, they really could have charged me a lot more. Their prices are very reasonable. I will definitely use them again and I will be recommending them to all my friends and family too.”


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“We used Chinook Chem-Dry to clean our carpets and a recliner chair. We were so happy with the results. Our carpets had not been professionally cleaned for 7 years and they look brand new. And our chair had some wear stains and it also looks brand new again. Very friendly, finished in great time and very reasonably priced. Will use again and would recommend to anyone.”
Darcy S.

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“We contacted Chinook Chem-Dry after having a flooding incident in our basement that resulted in water damage to our carpet and blinds. We were immediately put in touch with Hugo Perez and he walked us through how the situation could be handled and what information he would need from us. He responded promptly with an estimate and his availability. Throughout the entire process, Hugo was extremely responsive and professional. We also asked him to clean the carpet on two upstairs floors, as well as some upholstery, and he was able to complete the entire job in the same day. We were even able to use the upstairs floors that same evening! Hugo was very accommodating with us and our three-month old baby and was a real pleasure to work with. He did a fantastic job on everything and was able to give new life to some older carpets and chairs. We would highly recommend Chinook Chem-Dry and will be using their service again in the future.”

Elyse B.

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“Hugo was very responsive and great quality on the service! I fully recommend him for any cleaning requirements at home!”

Willem V.

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