Chinook Chem-Dry offers the best carpet cleaning services in the Southeast Calgary.

You Can Rely on the Carpet Cleaning Experts of Chinook Chem-Dry

It can be difficult to find the right carpet cleaner in southeast Calgary. There are so many different options to choose from. We don’t want to just outright bash those other guys, but we do think that we are one of the superior carpet cleaning options. This is thanks to our years of experience, safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions, and our green-certified Hot Carbonated Extraction (HCE) carpet cleaning method. Sof if you’re looking for an effective carpet cleaning in Calgary SE, you can trust our team here at Chinook Chem-Dry to get the job done right!


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How Important is Carpet Care?

There is more to proper carpet care than vacuuming and removing unsightly stains. Carpets and rugs act like filters that trap dirt, dust, and allergens! Without being replaced or treated with routine cleanings, your health can be negatively affected. For that reason, experts recommend semi-annual upholstery and carpet cleanings to refresh your carpets, renew your home’s healthy atmosphere, and maintain your good health as well. With that said, there are many carpet cleaners out there who use various techniques and products. So, what makes Chinook Chem-Dry a better option than others for carpet cleaning?

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The Natural®: The Key to Our Carpet Cleaning

Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Calgary SE can remove 98% of Allergens and dust from carpet.DRIER.

Chem-Dry has developed a revolutionary cleaning product called The Natural®. When combined with our equipment, The Natural® uses the explosive power of carbonation to break down built-up dirt and other contaminants. This process is called the Hot Carbonation Extraction (HCE) method, and this technique helps us maximize cleaning power while also minimizing water usage. Chem-Dry’s method uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaners and also results in a 1-2 hour dry time! Chinook Chem-Dry is a more eco-friendly option and minimizes other health concerns that can arise with traditional steam cleaning.


Our HCE method has tremendous cleaning power! The carbonated bubbles dive deep into the fibers of your carpets and proceed to break down and lift up dirt, grime, and dust to be extracted. Instead of flooding your carpets with jetted streams of water, Chinook Chem-Dry’s innovative processes give you a thoroughly cleaned carpet that also that stays that way for longer due to the lack of dirt-attracting soap residue leftover.


Outdated steam cleaning methods rely too heavily on high-pressure water in their process. The massive amounts of water pumped into your carpets, in tandem with their soaps and detergents, raise a number of concerns. Firstly, the detergents used aren’t always pet or child-friendly and leave residues that can cause your carpet to collect dirt and soils more quickly. Even more importantly, the overuse of water causes a longer dry time, which can lead to water damage and the growth of mold and mildew to wood flooring underneath. However, Chinook Chem-Dry provides Southeast Calgary with a green-certified cleaning service that leaves your carpet fresher, healthier, and safer.

Furthermore, this home health study proves that Chem-Dry’s HCE method eradicates an average of 98.1% of common household allergens* from your carpet and upholstery! At Chinook Chem-Dry, we provide a drier, cleaner and healthier service than our competitors in the Calgary area can.



“We had some very nasty stains left from the previous people who lived here last month, and Steve got all the stains removed, making the carpet looking brand new and smelling fresh. A lot of the mysterious smells we smelt disappeared, thanks to Steve. As COVID-19 is still high and on the rise, Steve made sure he followed protocol by leaving his medical mask on at all times. Thanks Steve for keeping us safe, we appreciate it a lot 🙂 We will definitely give Chinook Chem-Dry a call when we need our carpets cleaned again. Highly recommended! Thanks again Steve! Keep on the great work!”


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“Hugo did an amazing job. We are very happy with the service he provided. We called expecting to have the service done within the week, and he came the very same day! He explained everything about the procedure and was very efficient in completing the work. The service was provided around the holiday season and it was a nice touch to receive a card at Christmas time. We would definitely hire Chinook Chem-Dry again and will recommend the service to others.”

Lauren F.

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