office cleaning in calgary, ab
Keeping a clean office is extremely important for both your customers and your employees. It may not seem worthwhile to do much deep cleaning, but there are huge advantages! See below: 


Why clean? From the floors to door handles, or keyboards to the bathroom, your office can accumulate some pretty gross stuff with time. Besides dirt, grime, dust, dander, bacteria, and allergens collect virtually everywhere. It is important that you clean regularly, even in a smaller office. 

Deeper cleaning is also very necessary, but doesn’t need to be as frequent. Professionals like Chinook Chem-Dry can clean the things that you don’t have the time to. Chem-Dry’s methods are especially effective at keeping your office free of allergens and dust. In fact, our cleaning formula removes 98% of common allergens from carpet and upholstery and removes 89% of all airborne bacteria. This improved air quality will lead to overall health benefits.


Promotes professionalism. If customers visit your office often, it is imperative that your office is clean and professional. Something worthy of note, many customers will subconsciously make business decisions based on the appearance of your business. Therefore, earn your customer’s trust by maintaining a clean work environment. 


Psychological benefits. There is also a very real impact on your own employees. On average, we spend 33% of our lifetimes working! Think of how many years that is in an office! (Sorry to bum you out…). That being said, if the office is clean, people will enjoy being there more, will be less stressed, and thus, will have a greater desire to work hard.


Boosts productivity. So if more enjoyment and less stress lead to a better work ethic, that means productivity also goes up, accordingly. So, if the psychological benefits really boost productivity in the long run, it is worth it. Plus, you always have the option of leaving the cleaning to Chinook Chem-Dry. Without any disruption in an employee’s workday to clean, not only will your productivity keep rolling, but you’ll get a much deeper clean from our trained professionals. 


Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services from Chinook Chem-Dry in Calgary, AB. Commercial carpet cleaning is what we do best! And because we want our customers to be happy and satisfied, we’ve spent years improving and perfecting our cleaning methods. Plus, our cleaning methods are fast, and the carpets dry in a few short hours, minimizing any disruption to your office’s efficiency.

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