Clean Out Your Dryer Ducts with Chinook Chem-Dry in High River


Is your dryer really working the best it could be? Are you noticing that you need to use your dryer multiple times for the same load in order for your clothes to actually come out dry? We know that this is frustrating and running up your utility bill. It’s also a good sign that you have a clogged dryer duct which could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. Before you go out and replace your dryer, let us clean out the duct! The team here at Chinook Chem-Dry offers a dryer vent cleaning service in High River that is proven to remove blocks, extend the life of your dryer, and save you time and money every time you wash your clothes.

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Dryer vent cleaning in high river, ab
a graphic showing the difference between an obstructed and clean dryer vent

Chinook Chem-Dry’s Superior Dryer Vent Cleaning in High River

It’s no secret that we aren’t the only dryer duct cleaner here in High River. So why should you choose the Chinook Chem-Dry team? We can think of some pretty solid reasons including highly trained experts using a proven method. But we want to focus on the actual results that will take place once we’re done. Here are your key benefits:

  • Improved Health & Safety – Clogged dryer ducts can lead to mold growth, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even house fires. Cleaning them out will give you a safer and healthier place to live.
  • Lower Energy Bills – We help your machine run more efficiently leading to a more affordable energy bill every month.
  • Fewer Cycles – Not only will you save money, but the increase in efficiency will lead to a decrease in the number of cycles needed to dry your clothes which will save you tons of time.
  • Longer Clothing Life – Shorter drying times mean less wear and damage to clothes per drying cycle.

Get your dryer vents cleaner and healthier in High River with Chem-Dry


We had dog urine odour that we couldn’t quite get rid of ourselves. Some spots were old spots that we had missed, and Hugo was able to find these spots and remove them. He paid extra attention to our concerns and worked diligently and professionally the whole time. Urine odour gone! Hugo takes pride in his work and it shows! He also worked hard to clean our dryer vent and that was not an easy task given the space of our laundry room. Will be booking again in the future for carpet cleaning and other services.

Marielle C.

I was so impressed with the calibre of work that Hugo does. He’s polite and professional and friendly. He explained everything that would be needed and let me know what he was going to do each step of the way. He stayed longer and worked more thoroughly than any other carpet cleaning company I’ve ever hired. He targeted problem areas and removed the stains, and pointed out areas that I hadn’t noticed. Then he carefully and respectfully put everything back into place. The carpets look great again. Hugo’s work is above and beyond. Highest recommendation!!

Shelly F.