Back to School Organizational Tips at Home


  1. Create a family event calendar on a pre-printed whiteboard to organize and keep track of events.
  • Routinely use the calendar every month.
  • Keep activities straight through color coding.
  • Place the calendar in a central part of your home for easy viewing and access.
  • Track after-school activities, lunch menus, sports practice and games, field trips and other class events, kids’ playdates and sleepovers, and drop off and pick up times.
  • If you have young kids, it’s a good idea to make a sleep schedule as well.


  1. The start of the school year is also the start of the cold & flu season. Be prepared by maintaining a clean home.
  • back to school tipsDeep clean your home.
  • Wash new school clothes.
  • Include hand sanitizer in backpacks.
  • Don’t re-use clothes until they are washed.
  • Regularly sanitize “hot spots” like counters, door handles, and sink faucets.
  • Use doormats outside and inside entries to minimize the number of allergens and germs being brought into your home.


  1. Go through the closet before the start of school to organize and prepare for easier mornings.
  • Donate old clothes.
  • Implement a storage and labeling system.
  • Use coordinated hangers to make an organized and systematic approach.
  • Designate sections for specific activities like work, school, sports, etc. Preplan outfits! This will make getting ready easier throughout the week.


  1. Keep the main entrance of your home as organized as possible to make it easier to find things in the mornings.
  • Create separate storage areas for kids and adults.
  • Place a hook on the wall for keys.
  • Create a cubby area to hang backpacks and place lunch boxes.
  • Add another drawer or cubby for wallets, phone chargers, and purses.
  • Get a shoe organizer to keep footwear organized for school activities.


  1. Organize your kids’ rooms to focus on the areas where they will spend the most school-related time.

In their study and play areas:

  • Create a specific area for kids to be creative and study schoolwork.
  • Use folders to organize homework for each weekday.
  • Set up a caddy to keep extra school supplies.
  • Create homework calendars for school and checklists on your child’s desk.

In the bathroom they use:

  • Use marked baskets to organize toiletries, especially if the bathroom is shared.
  • Utilize colorful bins to separate the belongings of younger children.
  • Use high shelving for older children and teens to put things like styling aids and makeup.
  • Use a shoe pocket organizer on the door to store different bathroom essentials.


All of us at Chinook Chem-Dry are wishing you a stress-free school year!