carpet and upholstery cleaning in Charleston, SC
1 – Trash Can
    • I know this is a gross job sometimes, but that’s why we need to stay on top of it! Trash cans build up grime in the bottom! If we don’t clean that, imagine what germs and bacteria can grow there?!
2 – Cell Phone
    • Your phone may actually be the filthiest thing in your home. On average, cell phones have more germs per square inch than a public toilet seat. You wouldn’t put your face that close to a public toilet… right?
3 – Carpets
    • Surprisingly, many people don’t know how frequently their carpets should be cleaned. I personally know a lot of people that go years between cleanings.
    • Vacuum twice per week to keep your carpet plush.
    • Most carpet manufacturer warranties stipulate that carpets should be cleaned once every 12 to 18 months. Most experts agree that once a year is a good rule of thumb. However, if you have a few kids or pets, then carpets should be cleaned at least twice a year.
    • Talk to Chem-Dry
4 – Shower Curtain
    • With the amount of humidity your bathroom creates, mold and mildew can easily build up. It especially festers in places where the curtain folds in on itself. Throwing it in the washing machine once a month should do the trick though. But beware, any laundry left in the washing machine too long without drying can allow mold to grow back.
5 – Air Vents
    • If you looked into the air vents in your home, you’ll likely encounter more dust than you thought possible. If you would rather not breathe all that dust in, get those vents cleaned.
6 – Door Knobs
    • Door knobs and locks open up a portal to your home for all the nasty bacteria spreading around town. Bacteria can survive on these metal surfaces for up to 8 hours! So, anything could be on there…
7 – Ice Tray
    • How dirty can something get if you only put clean water in it? It’s apparently a good idea to run your trays through the dishwasher about every month, depending on your use. If you use a silicone tray, use a vinegar and warm water mixture to soak it.
8 – Vacuum Filter
    • Many people only clear out the vacuum collector and don’t touch the filter. Some filters can get so caked with dust from a lack of cleaning that running water through it won’t be enough. If it gets that dirty, you may need to use something to dislodge it before you can continue cleaning it. I once had to use a knife to remove the packed dirt, and then I had to wash the filter for about 45 minutes to give it a satisfactory clean. When your filters get that dirty, your vacuum is mostly worthless.
9 – Microwave touchpad
    • Here lie the grease and oil from every meal you’ve heated up for the last 3 months (even longer for some). Get that clean again.
10 – Tile
    • If you stay on top of it, this can be done with a simple wipe down or mopping. However, most people don’t do this often enough, resulting in discoloration and a build-up of grime on the tile and in the grout lines, which takes a lot of scrubbing and specialized cleaning products. If your tile really needs some help, check out Chem-Dry’s tile cleaning services and set an appointment.


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