Why Is My Grout Changing Color?

Jul 14, 2023 | Tile Cleaning

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tile and grout cleaning in the cochrane, ab areaEver since people have started using tile in their home, they’ve been trying to find ways to maintain it’s beauty. After all, they are investing a significant sum of money to install exquisite tiles and grout, only to witness their gradual deterioration and unsightly discoloration, regardless of their diligent cleaning efforts.

The primary culprit responsible for this dingy appearance is grout discoloration. Therefore, the key to preserving the pristine condition of your tiles for many years lies in comprehending the factors that contribute to the transformation of grout colors. As seasoned professionals in tile cleaning, serving the Cochrane area, we possess knowledge about the causes of discoloration and effective strategies to combat them. Discover these factors below.

What causes grout to change color? 

When you contemplate the causes of discoloration, the first thing that comes to mind is likely dirt. It accumulates daily, brought in by you, your children, and your beloved pets. While dirt does play a role, there is actually another factor that exacerbates the problem of discoloration.

Surprisingly, the way you clean your tiles is the primary culprit. Take a moment to let that sink in. Improper tile cleaning results in a combination of grime and sticky residue that lends a dingy appearance to your grout. The surfaces of grout are highly porous, and being lower than the tile itself, they become an ideal settlement area for residue and dirt.

So, what defines a proper versus improper tile cleaning process? The key lies in moisture. The more moisture utilized during the cleaning process, the faster the grout becomes soiled—and no matter how much scrubbing and mopping you do, it stubbornly remains that way.

Discovering a method, along with the assistance of a professional tile cleaning service, that utilizes low moisture will make a world of difference. Fortunately, here at Chinook Chem-Dry, our team possesses high-grade equipment capable of extracting dirt from grout without leaving behind sticky residue. Additionally, we rejuvenate the protective sealant on your grout during the process, enhancing its resistance to stains.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Cochrane, AB

Our service aims to go beyond preserving the color of your tile and grout to deliver a truly healthy clean. If you are seeking a reliable solution to rejuvenate, cleanse, and safeguard your tile and grout in the Cochrane vicinity, we encourage you to contact us without delay!

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