At Chinook Chem-Dry, we believe your home should be a sanctuary to which you can retreat, unwind, and enjoy your downtime. We can’t always control how family relationships or the daily grind affects your haven of a home, but there are a few things within your control. A clean and healthy living environment is within your grasp, and it can start with the stone or tile surfaces in your home. Find out why sealing your tile and stone on a regular basis should be one of the most important ways to keep your family and your home healthy for the long run.


Why a Sealant is Worthwhile

To understand the importance of a sealant, you also need to understand what grout is made of. Grout is made of a sand mixture and fills up holes effectively and cheaply. It does the job, but MUST be sealed correctly in order to last. Since grout is porous, it is a highly-favorable breeding ground for bacteria, mold, fungus, and dirt; thus, applying protection to it is essential to maintain healthy tile and stone surfaces—and a grout sealant accomplishes that.


Give ‘Hotspot’ Rooms in Your Home Extra Protection

Is your shower a welcome sight in the morning, or should it have a sign warning users, “potential biohazard?” Due to the concentration of moisture in your bathroom encouraging the growth of mold and mildew, giving these ‘hotspot’ rooms extra care and attention is necessary. After a thorough tile and grout cleaning, a sealant should be applied to maintain the quality and appearance of your tile and grout surfaces.

Sealing your stone, tile, and grout lines will help facilitate your home’s happiest and healthiest living environment. Why are we so adamant about sealing? Without applying sealant, any stains that develop can become nearly to impossible to remove. It is strongly advised to reseal your grout once a year for high traffic homes. Also, anytime it has been deep cleaned, reseal it immediately. For any low traffic rooms in your home, make sure not to neglect these areas by resealing those surfaces every 4-5 years.


Tile is An Investment

You should be able to get the most out of your investments, and that includes your tile and grout. Oftentimes, sporadic or DIY maintenance is not enough. Tile and/or stone require a professional deep clean to maximize its lifespan, as well as provide you the peace of mind that comes from a clean and safe house for you and your family.

Contact Chinook Chem-Dry and let us handle the heavy-duty cleaning jobs that require so much of your time and energy. We promise to do everything possible to make your tile look as pristine as possible. Through implementing Chem-Dry’s specialized cleaning solutions and powerful equipment, we can blast the dirt and bacteria from your tile, grout, and stone; therefore, restore your tile to a brand new look and feel.

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